Karma EVO Altus

The Karma EVO Altus is specially designed to help those who have the very limited body control to achieve this step.

Sunrise Magic 360

The Sunrise Magic 360 is compact enough to get around your home, and full of all-terrain technology to take you where you want to go.

Sunrise Q700-Up M

The Sunrise Q700-Up M is the flagship standing powered wheelchair of Sunrise Medical’s Q-series of premium powerchairs.

Quickie Q700 M Sedeo Pro Power

The Quickie Q700 M Sedeo Pro Power has unmatched manoeuvrability and is the perfect choice for those looking for a high-quality outdoor wheelchair.

Quickie Q300 Mini

The Quickie Q300 Mini is the can-do chair! Experience the freedom to go wherever you want with Sunrise Medical’s Quickie Q300 Mini powerchair.

Quantum Rehab Sparky

The Jazzy® Sparky by Quantum Rehab is the ideal dependable and reliable powered wheelchair that will give your child the freedom they need.

Q6 Edge 2 HD

The revolutionary Quantum Q6 Edge 2.0 HD powerchair is designed to meet the needs and demands of even the most active users.

Edge 3 Stretto

The Edge 3 Stretto is the perfect choice for those looking for a powerchair that can navigate tight corners and small spaces.

Invacare SP2 TDX

The Invacare SP2 TDX powerchair is the perfect choice for users who want maximum functionality as well as a modern and stylish look.

Invacare Freedom NXT

The Invacare Freedom NXT is a highly configurable tilt-in-space wheelchair specifically designed for paediatric use.

Karma VIP 2

The Karma VIP 2 is an exceptional lightweight tilt-in-space wheelchair that can be conveniently folded to fit into your car for transportation.

Invcare Rea Clematis

The Invcare Rea Clematis is a bespoke built-to-order wheelchair with numerous seating options to accommodate each user’s individual needs.

Invacare Action Ampler

The Invacare Action Ampler is a multi-award-winning manual wheelchair is specifically designed to cater for the needs of bariatric or plus sized individuals.

Sunrise Quickie Iris

The Sunrise Quickie Iris is a flagship tilt-in-space manual wheelchair that offers some of the highest levels of tilt available with up to 60° achievable.

Invacare Rea Azalea

The Invacare Rea Azalea is a market leading tilt-in-space wheelchair that healthcare professionals across the nation are familiar with.

Sunrise Zippie Simba

The Sunrise Zippie Simba is the lightest rigid-frame wheelchair for active children. The wheelchair that can grow with you featuring built-in growth adjustability.

Invacare Action 3 Jnr

The Invacare Action 3 Junior wheelchair can be adjusted to fit a child at any developmental stage. This model was created to satisfy children’s demands for play and independence.

Sunrise Zippier RS

The Sunrise Zippier RS offers a variety of positioning solutions and is built with growth adjustability to accommodate children’s bodies as they grow.

Sunrise Quickie Krypton R

The Sunrise Quickie Krypton R is a lightweight folding package can be lifted into the car by folding the backrest and removing the back wheels.

Invacare Kuschall Champion

The Invacare Kuschall Champion has the looks and handling qualities of a rigid frame while maintaining the convenience of a folding wheelchair.

Sunrise Nitrum

The Sunrise Nitrum is an upgrade to the highly regarded Sunrise Helium. It boasts a much improved price point, not to mention some serious refinement too.

Invacare Action 5

The Invacare Action 5 is the ideal model to consider for people who are more active or who may have conditions that develop or worsen with time.