The Go-To Rehab Centre

Our mission is to help people recover from injury or illness using the most advanced rehab products on the market today. We’ve made it our goal to be the go-to rehab centre in the West Midlands, known and trusted by clients and manufacturers alike.

The MagRehab Team are focused on taking the best care possible of our clients, at every step of their recovery. We value quality care, new ideas, honesty, helpfulness, teamwork, responsibility. And we’re always learning.

Our Mission

We use advanced rehabilitation products to empower our clients recover and become more active and engaged in their daily lives.

Our Vision

We aspire to be the top destination for rehab products, valued by clients and manufacturers, delivering patient-focused healing.

Our Values

We strive for excellence in rehabilitation, innovation, integrity, service, compassion, teamwork, accountability, and continuous learning.

Family business 25 years

Magbility is not just any enterprise, it is a family-operated business that truly values its customers. With 25 years and a wealth of experience and expertise under our belt, our team has become one of the most prominent experts in mobility and rehabilitation products in the West Midlands.

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new service, MagRehab. This innovative addition to our rehabilitation business sets us apart from the competition by allowing us to build a skilled team of professionals dedicated to serving our clients with unsurpassed levels of care, support and expertise.

Making a positive change in someone’s life is not just about providing physical care but also providing emotional support. The MagRehab Team are dedicated to outstanding service and are making a significant difference in the world of mobility and rehabilitation.

Showrooms & product demonstration areas

MagRehab goes beyond what regular dealers do by fully supporting clients and users from the start until the end. Unlike many other companies, we can provide help for the whole lifespan of our products. You can either rent or buy from us, and we’re flexible in making personalised solutions for both short and long term needs.

Showrooms Across The West Midlands