Assistive Equipment Rehabilitation Specialists

Specialists in Mobility & Rehabilitation

As a family-operated enterprise, Magbility has become one of the most recognised specialists in mobility and rehabilitation products for both adults and children across the West Midlands.

MagRehab has been launched to compliment our existing rehabilitation business and allows us to build a professionally trained team and a progressive organisation that can support both clients and users with unrivalled service and advice.

Rigid, folding, active, tilt-in-space and bariatric manual wheelchairs – to regain your freedom.

Front, mid and rear wheel drive powered wheelchairs – with infinate design possibilities.

Built-in growth adjustability to fit a child at any developmental stage – for play and independence.

Heavy duty, extra strong with reinforced frames and extra wide seats – to fit any body shape.

For the life of the product

We are committed to supporting you throughout the entire lifespan of your product. MagRehab focuses on providing enduring assistance that adapts to evolving needs as you age or if your medical condition changes. Our goal is to ensure that the user can continue enjoying life assisted by technology that is working to its maximum potential at all times.

The MagRehab Team are readily available to offer advice and guidance at all times both to the end user and the client. With our extensive lifetime warranties, any potential issues are covered, and our service team is dedicated to maintaining your equipment’s optimal functionality for many years.

Whether it’s repairs or maintenance for the most advanced assistive equipment, we specialise in ensuring that your devices are in top-notch condition.

What can we do for you?

We strive to enhance the lives of individuals facing mobility challenges, catering to a spectrum of needs — from those requiring minimal walking assistance to others seeking intricate postural support.

Our dedicated team collaborates with disabled individuals, families, and professionals, including Occupational Therapists and Case Managers, to ensure the provision of the most suitable.